Jet Partner Aviation has a large fleet of aircraft that takes the travel experience to the next level. Our aircraft, each of which is reserved and regularly maintained, aim to provide our passengers with an extraordinary flight experience where comfort, luxury and safety are kept at the highest level.

Wide Range of Aircrafts:

Jet Partner Aviation’s fleet includes small, medium and long-range aircrafts. Short range aircrafts are suitable for flights with short flight duration and for few passengers. Medium-range aircrafts provide comfortable and fast transportation to destinations with flight times over four hours. Long-range aircrafts, on the other hand, offer comfortable, luxurious and safe travel for up to 16 passengers, with flight durations between eight and fifteen hours.

Modern Design and Luxurious Interiors:

Each aircraft stands out with its modern cabin design, sound insulation and special details that make your journey comfortable. The cabins are equipped with comfortable seats, carefully selected interior decoration, in-flight refreshments and state-of-the-art equipments.

High Security Standards:

As Jet Partner Aviation, security is our highest priority. Our aircrafts undergo regular maintenance in accordance with industry standards, and these maintenances are managed by an experienced technical team. The safety of our passengers is always kept at the highest level.

Personalized Services and Flexibility:

Jet Partner Aviation prioritizes passenger satisfaction and offers special services and flexibility in flight planning. Whatever the reason for your flight, our aircraft and all of the services offered to you during your flight are designed to suit your needs.

The aircrafts in Jet Partner Aviation’s fleet are waiting for you to turn your travels into a unique experience! Just enjoy traveling with Jet Partner Aviation, where comfort, security and unique travel experience are offered together!