By Jet Partner Aviation Trade Anonymous Company, the relevant law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 Name, surname and contact for the execution of business activities within the scope of this request form in accordance with the provisions of Your information may vary depending on the service provided by the Company and the Company’s commercial activities. Although it can show; by automatic or non-automatic methods, the Company’s work units, website, call center, telephone calls, SMS records, e-mail addresses and similar means, verbally, in writing or during the period of benefiting from the products and services that can be collected and offered electronically and/or It will continue to be updated and processed within legal periods. Within the scope of this service relationship, in order to carry out the business activities of Jet Partner Aviation, I expressly consent to the transfer of Jet Partner Aviation to its resident business partners and third parties at home and abroad. My personal data, limited to the purpose of processing explained within the scope of the provision of the service. I have my express consent to be used and shared, to be kept for the required period of time, and in this regard, I accept and declare that the necessary lighting has been provided to me.